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Game Spotlight: Dungeon Mayhem

by Kale Brenzi

For those who have played Dungeons and Dragons, you already know the chaos that ensues when parties get together to explore the world. Crazy spells that don’t go as planned, friendly fire from that bow-wielding ranger, and rogues picking the pockets of the party members more than the guards. Sometimes players need a way to exact revenge on their fellow adventurers for all their misdeeds. For those looking for a way to do so, may I present to you Dungeon Mayhem!


Dungeon Mayhem is a card game that focuses on players hurling attacks and spells at each other to reduce their health to 0. Each player chooses one of the four core classes to play, each with their own unique deck of cards. Each class has their own “gimmick” which they can use to their advantage in battle.

Each turn, players must play a card from their hand. Some options include spells that damage their opponents, healing spells, and even cards that they can use to defend themselves. By playing cards in a certain order, players can even perform multiple actions and attacks per turn!

Dungeon Mayhem Card Game


The game is chaotic and fast-paced, with games that can be as short as five minutes! Whilst possible to play with two players, games are most enjoyable with multiple people gathered around a table. The core game supports 2 - 4 players, but with expansions added in, games can increase in size.

The overall presentation of the game is delightful and quirky, with a lovely comic-styled artwork present on each card. Game mechanics are laid out in an easy-to-read design along the side of each card, and are simple enough that even kids can join in on the fun!

As of the writing of this article, two expansions are available for the game, and both are recommended to be picked up if you enjoy the base game.

Battle for Baldur’s Gate - This expansion is straight forward, and adds two new character decks to the game; a Ranger class, and a Druid class! This addon is quite cheap, and is a must have for those looking for some variation in gameplay.

Monster Madness - The largest of the current expansions, this box adds 6 brand-new characters to the game, all of which are goofy spins on classic D&D monsters! Play as either a Beholder, Red Dragon, Mind Flayer, an Owlbear, Mimic, or even a Gelatinous Cube! This expansion also doubles as a wonderful and neat storage box for the core game, Battle for Baldur’s Gate, and Monster Madness.

This game is a great pickup for those looking for a quick and easy game to play with friends and family. Rules are simple enough to get the hang of quickly, while still maintaining a good strategic depth to them.

Grab a copy of the core game, or even some expansions, on our website here:

Dungeon Mayhem Core Game - https://elandrialgames.com.au/products/dddungeonmayhem
Dungeon Mayhem: Battle For Baldur’s Gate - https://elandrialgames.com.au/products/dddungeonmayhem-battleforbaldursgate
Dungeon Mayhem: Monster Madness - https://elandrialgames.com.au/products/dddungeonmayhem-monstermadnessdeluxe


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