Game Spotlight: Epic Spell Wars

by Kale Brenzi

Love casting magic to obliterate your foes? If you answered yes to that question, then you may need a sanity test, but you will definitely love the craziness that is Epic Spell Wars! Prove that you are the grandest and deadliest mage in all of the realm by bending magic to your will!

This game features a large variety of spell cards, each representing either the beginning, middle, or end of a spell. By combining these cards together, create your own spell with its own unique effects! Want a spell to slowly drain the life from everyone around you? Make it! Hate a person in particular and want to slam them with a fireball? Create it! Low on life and need to heal to survive the next spell thrown at you? Conjure it!

If you find yourself eliminated first during a round, don’t worry! Players who die will receive extra benefits and bonuses during the next round to ensure you can enact your revenge!

Epic Spell Wars also features some fantastic artwork, with a delightful comic and cartoon style that displays both gross and gruesome spells and wizards!

This game is an absolute literal and figurative blast to play, and is great for good friends to get together and fling spells around a table.

Different variants and expansions are also available for this game, such as Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre, Panic at the Pleasure Palace, and more!

Grab your own copy of one of the many different versions here:

Mt Skullzfyre:

Panic at the Pleasure Palace:

Rumble at Castle Tentakill:



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