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Progress Update: 19th April 2020 - Digitise Everything!

by Matthew Honeywill

Short update on what is currently happening with us as things are changing everyday as ideas become reality and more ideas come to mind.


Stock in still in the process of being uploaded, described and tagged for website sales. We currently have Kara, Matt and Kale working through the products one by one. I believe there is still a decent chunk of stock to work through and will be much happier when it has all been done.

Kale has been getting used to his revised role being our Social Media guru with regular posts about different games, getting started guides. If you haven't checked them out, they are a great read and feel free to leave a comment while you are there.

Online tournaments have kicked off as well as Commander for Magic the Gathering. Running over Zoom most of the kinks have been worked out and players are getting used to their current set ups. Calin is currently organising the Yu-Gi-Oh players into a similar setup and their League will be back up and running soon.

What's Next

Something else we are starting to work on is what should we run once we can reopen the event space, as a lot of people will likely be jumping at the chance to have games in person once more. Especially with some of these freshly built and painted armies that have been worked on during this time.

What kind of event do you want to jump into when this happens? Why not leave a comment on this article or send us a message on one of our various social media pages to have your say.

How you can support us

The biggest thing you can do is support the community, help people get setup and connected, be supportive and patient in these trying times and most importantly look after yourself.

If you want to support us directly, we have setup a Patreon and these funds go directly into paying the staff, bills and help us continue to improve what we have to offer.



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