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Bag - M&M Normal (Pickup Only)

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    Call off the search! Because that deliciously fun chocolate snack you've been looking for is right here in this share pack of M&M'S Milk Chocolate legends! Since 1941, these colourful pieces of creamy milk chocolate coated with a thin crisp shell have delighted chocolate lovers across the globe. They're literally out of this world because M&M'S Chocolates were the first lollies to rocket into space! Down on earth, M&M'S Bite Size Chocolate snacks are the perfect chocolate treats for screen-time fun, whether you're watching a movie or streaming a show with friends. For something different, why not try sprinkling their happy M&M'S Chocolate colours into baking recipes, popcorn TV snacks or over ice cream? Party at your place? It starts with M&M'S Chocolates!

    - $4.50