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Dragon Black & Golden Velour Dice Bag

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    This dice bag is enchanted with ancient dragon magic, that imbues dice with the power of great old golden wyrm, that sleeps among his uncounted treasures. If you are brave and have a big panache, like all dragonslayers, this will be your talisman, that can strenghten your dice with the might of dragons and give your sets power to defeat any monster.

    This Dragon Black & golden Velour Dice Bag is made of thick black fine velour with gold satin lining. One of the sides is printed with a luxurious golden dragon. We chose to depict an ancient wyrm, the predecessor of all golden dragons. You should be proud of wearing its picture because this is the sign that can give you the chance to find dragon treasure and win it in a fight with this ultimate monster. This is a very safe bag because two strings hold firmly all that you put inside.

    Material: cotton/cotton

    Velour Dice Bag dimensions:

    approx. 10 cm (3.94") x 15 cm (5.91") x 0,5 cm (0.20")

    Capacity: 35 and more dice

    The dimensions are approximate. 

    Product dimensions may vary by +/- 1cm.

    - $15.00