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Eldritch Horror - Signs of Carcosa

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    Confront the maddening influence of the Unspeakable One in Signs of Carcosa, a new expansion for Eldritch Horror. Within this expansion, you’ll find Hastur entering the game as a new Ancient One, spreading insanity and dissension. Against this foul abomination from Aldebaran, four new investigators join the fight to save the world. A host of new Encounter cards for every continent ensures that fresh adventures are just around the next street corner, even as a wealth of new conditions, spells, assets, artifacts, and Mythos cards draws you deeper into a world of madness and fear.

    • The fifth expansion for Eldritch Horror
    • Test your might against a new Ancient One: Hastur
    • Four new investigators join the fight—Dexter Drake, Wendy Adams, Jenny Barnes, and Michael McGlen
    • A host of new encounters, conditions, spells, artifacts, and assets ensure that every game of Eldritch Horror offers new adventure
    • Impairment tokens may hinder your abilities as you struggle against the might of Hastur

    - $45.00