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Star Wars RPG: Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook

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    The Star Wars universe is at your fingertips! The 448-page Star Wars®: The Edge of the Empire™ Core Rulebook is a roleplaying experience set in those thousands of places across the galaxy where morality is gray and nothing is certain. It contains everything that players and GMs need to conduct their adventures as smugglers in the Outer Rim, to collect bounties on the scum in the shadows of Coruscant, or to establish new colonies beneath the Empire’s notice.

    • 448-page rulebook contains everything players and GMs need to start roleplaying in the Star Wars galaxy
    • Focuses on story-rich locations where morality is gray and nothing is certain
    • Concise rules guide players through quick character creation and advancement
    • Extensive background information helps players and GMs expand their adventures in the Star Wars universe
    • A complete introductory adventure launches players into action!

    - $95.00